Effective Weed Control Techniques

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A healthy and attractive turf is the dream of any lawn owner and will often be on top of their wish list. Apart from being unwanted plants, weeds can destroy the beauty of your turf if proper measures are not put in place to control their range. One worrying characteristic is that they compete with desired grasses for basic conditions like nutrients, sunlight and moisture hence reducing their quality. Lawn weeds are hard do away with because they survive intense inhibitors, spread through dispersal and creeping stems. Timely identification and prompt elimination can deter further spread, and this can be effective if performed regularly.

How do you control weeds?

Weed Control is a difficult practice. However, with proper routines and practices, desirable results can be achieved. The use of chemicals and cultural methods are the two most practiced measures in dealing with the problem.

Non-chemical control

This is basically the cultural and mechanical control of weeds aimed at improving turf health. Before engaging chemicals, it is always advisable to consider hand removal of weeds. Whereas weed pulling can be tiresome, this method is very effective especially where the weed population is not dominant. The following cultural practices are suitable in controlling weeds:

1. Mowing:
2. The physical cutting of the above-the-ground weed part ensures that weeds do not produce seeds that would increase their population.
3. Maintaining proper soil fertility
4. : Weeds tend to do well in soils with over and under the required ranges of fertility. Proper soil pH will also minimize weed issues.
5. Increasing the population of desired grass
6. . This will defeat growth of weeds competitively by depriving them the necessary growth conditions

Chemical control

Lawn weed killers, especially herbicides are designed to control targeted plant growths. Before applying any herbicide, it is important to find out if it will be effective in your turf. Every instruction on labeled herbicide containers and sachets should be carefully followed, as it specifies correct usage and environmental concerns.Correct timing will yield good results. Attempting to get rid of weeds during the cold season may bear poor results. Therefore, summer is ideal for this measure.

As long as you desire to own a beautiful lawn, weeds will never cease invading your turf. Proper weed Control measures are therefore necessary. Spokane Pro Care provides the best landscape maintenance services in Spokane, WA. For quality results, Visit Them or click here, Spokaneprocare.com.

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