Eliminate Leaks and Clogs Using Expert Plumbers in Foxboro MA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


The plumbing in a home or business can be one of its most aggravating aspects because faulty plumbing can fail in a number of ways. For instance, the fresh water pipes can develop a slow, hidden leak that only becomes apparent when the utility bill gets out of hand or a massive fault that floods the building. Plumbers in Foxboro MA can help locate a hidden leak in several ways. The first is to apply years of experience to determine the most likely location for a leak such as damaged water mains. The second is the use of a tool known as an acoustic sampler. This audio detection system allows them to listen to the noise of water spraying or dripping inside walls or under floors.

One of the most common reasons to contact Plumbers in Foxboro MA is a blockage in the drain system. Blockages tend to occur in two primary locations. The most common of these is the pipe traps. Pipe traps or p-traps are those curved pieces of pipe connected close to the drain itself. Their function is to prevent the return of sewer gases and this is done by collecting a little water in the crook of the pipe. Unfortunately, this method of blocking gas also tends to catch debris such as food, hair and grease. When this occurs a clog can build up and affects the function of the drain. Possible solutions include plunging the fixture and removing the p-trap so the gunk can be cleared out. Some care is required in the latter choice because most drain pipes are made from soft materials and their threads are easily damaged.

The second blockage possibility occurs in the main sewer lines and may be caused by gunk in the pipes, root growth or a break in the lines that allows dirt to enter the system. There are several steps required to eliminate the issue and the first is often the need to examine the pipes. The plumber will use a unique tool known as a video snake to investigate the quality of the pipes and determine why the system has failed. Blockages are usually removed with a pipe snake or rooter tool. To thoroughly eliminate clogging problems the plumber may recommend cleaning the pipes with water jetting, also known as hydro-jetting. Learn more about plumbing repairs from the experts at Drain Remedy Inc.

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