Eliminate Plumbing Problems Using Reliable Plumbers in Fairfax, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


There are many reasons to search for a reliable plumber including the elimination of leaks beneath the sink or the repair of a running toilet. However, most people hire a plumbing professional to get rid of those annoying clogs in the drain. Drain clogs occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common of these are food and hair accumulating in the pipe traps.

A pipe trap is that curved portion of the plumbing used to prevent the return of sewer gasses. This works because water is held in the crook of the trap, and this prevents gas from passing. Eliminating the blockage typically requires the removal of the trap and any debris stuck inside of it. Hiring experienced plumbers in Fairfax, VA to handle this job reduces the chance of damage to the drainage pipes.

Another common reason to call a plumber is a lack of hot water. The reason for no hot water often depends on the type of water heater being used. For example, a gas-burning model may fail to heat because the ignition system no longer functions. Modern gas units use an electrical ignition device known as a Piezoelectric ignition system. These devices fail because electronic circuits often break after frequent use.

The main reason an electric water heater quits working is because one of the heating elements fails. An element can fail from long-term usage, but they can also develop a short to ground. A short usually happens when scale allows the element to contact the metal of the tank or pipe. This can cause the unit to continuously create heat, which results in scalding water. Manufacturers anticipate this kind of fault and include a safety switch that shuts off the power if the appliance reaches a certain temperature. Plumbers in Fairfax, VA fix the problem by replacing the old components and removing the scale.

Not every job plumbers take on involves repairing old pipes. In fact, many plumbers enjoy the challenge of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. There is a lot more to remodeling these rooms than most people realize. For example, a kitchen remodel may require replacing water and sewer lines or the installation of a gas supply. A bathroom remodel may need pipe changes when swapping the tub for a shower. Learn more about plumbing from the experts at All Plumbing Inc.

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