Eliminate Rodent Problems With Professional Mice Extermination in Kapolei

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


There are many kinds of pests that can infiltrate a home or business, but rodents can be one of the more difficult ones to eliminate. Rodents are small mammals that have a constantly growing set of incisors. This makes them to chew and gnaw things because they need to wear the teeth down and keep them sharp. This is one reason that rodents can be such a huge problem, especially smaller ones like the mouse. Mice tend to live in the hollows of the walls, the same area where plumbing and electrical wiring can be found. These little mammals love to chew on electrical wires because the wires have a tough wrapper, but this activity can cause a lot of damage.

This rodent problem can be eliminated with reliable mice extermination in Kapolei.

Attempting to deal with a mouse problem without the help of a professional is rarely as effective as it may seem. One reason for this is that the mice build nests in the walls and birth their young there. If a mouse is seen scampering through the building, then the odds are good there are more in the walls. In most cases, a single mouse will indicate a whole family and this can include multiple generations. A single female mouse can have up to five mice per litter and up to ten litters each year. The best way to eliminate this kind of infestation is with professional mice extermination in Kapolei.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine a mouse infestation even exists because these rodents are nocturnal. That is, the mouse tends to scavenge food while people are sleeping. However, the mice will leave signs such as gnawed food containers and tiny pieces of dung. Mouse droppings are sometimes difficult to notice because they can be very small. The typical dropping size for a mouse is about a quarter of an inch long and an eighth of an inch wide.


A higher concentration of mouse droppings is a good indication of where some rodents may be living because these tiny mammals rarely move more than thirty yards from their home. Other rodents such as the Norway rat leave larger droppings, which means the size of the scat is a good indication of which rodent is in the building. Visit Bowman Termite and Pest Management for more information about the removal of mice and other rodents. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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