Escape Addiction with Substance Abuse Treatment in Johannesburg

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


When drugs and alcohol have taken over your life, you experience many upsetting emotions. What may have started out as a small indulgence can take over your life and make everyday tasks, your job and family interactions spiral out of control. Take charge of your life and seek life-saving treatment that will offer you a chance to forge a new path that leads to hope, change and a release from addiction.

A Return to Peace
Taking the first step with substance abuse treatment in Johannesburg can be a giant leap of faith. Putting your trust in trained and experienced counsellors is a brave first step towards regaining control of your life. Beginning your program in a relaxing, tranquil environment is the perfect way to interact with highly experienced staff who work to understand your feelings and needs and to help guide you through your healing process. Surrounded by oceans and mountains, you’ll allow the peaceful surroundings to help facilitate your journey towards better health.

Treating the whole person involves more than just stopping the use of the addicting substance. Approaching the mental, physical and spiritual needs of the body creates a comprehensive approach that promotes total healing. Find your niche through many available mediums to help guide you such as hypnosis, dance therapy, somatic breath work and drumming. Exercise your body with a gym, swimming pool and tennis court. You’ll find the local mountain hikes and walks on the beach to help the body and the mind. Incorporating these holistic processes into your program helps you heal on many levels and allows your body and mind to learn to live in harmony. Your loved ones are considered a vital part of your substance abuse treatment and they are encouraged to be in a supportive role.

Treatment When and Where you need it
When you seek substance abuse treatment at Harmony Addictions Clinic, you will be enveloped in a total caring environment that is created based on your individual needs. Don’t worry about finding a center near you as there are locations serving Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria & Centurion! The experienced staff is aware that those seeking help may find himself or herself in need at any time of the day or night and is 24/7 available!

Coming to terms with your need for help can be a difficult process. Coming in for a comprehensive assessment will help you decide which type of substance abuse treatment will be most helpful for you. Creating an individualized plan for your return to total health is based on your individual needs and part of a plan that will guide you peacefully on your journey. Experience a return to a life in Johannesburg free from the addictions that once held you back from who you were meant to be.

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