Evaluating Trucking Companies In Wisconsin

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Making the decision to work for trucking companies in Wisconsin can be a solid move forward in a career offering job security and top wages. Determining which trucking companies are the best to work for can be a little bit more of a challenge if you are new to the industry.

One of the first considerations when looking for possible employment with trucking companies in Wisconsin is to consider where they haul. Some companies only provide local service while others have 48 state authority, giving drivers the chance to travel and take those lucrative long distance hauls.

Considering any trucking companies in Wisconsin which offer a range of different jobs to allow you to pick the time you want to be on the road is always an important consideration.

Pay and Perks

Besides the actual driving opportunities available through the trucking companies in Wisconsin, you should ask very carefully about pay and other benefits. Most companies do not provide any weekly minimum wage guarantee, which can leave new drivers with very little control over what they can expect to make.

Other companies provide a minimum weekly guarantee combined with performance-based pay incentives. Top drivers, regardless of their time with the company, will be recognized and compensated for top driving. A weekly minimum also means you can budget and plan, even on those weeks when you may not drive the miles you were hoping to get.

Also, remember a top company will provide employees with medical, dental and supplemental insurance as well as paid life insurance. These are important benefits to consider both for the driver as well as his or her family.

Support for Drivers

Today, more than ever, top trucking companies in Wisconsin are using technology to provide their drivers with the support they need when they need it. This means having immediate and direct mobile communication between the driver and dispatcher or driver managers. It also means equipping trucks with satellite tracking so locating loads or assisting truckers is never a problem.

The top trucking companies in Wisconsin treat their drivers as valued employees. These companies recognize their drivers are the face of the company to their clients, and they make every effort to keep top drivers and only to hire professionals. This makes working for these companies a great career opportunity for drivers of any level of work experience.

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