Ever Wonder Why People Use Heating Oil in Groton CT?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Aug, 2015


It’s easy to see why some people prefer to use Heating Oil in Groton CT over other sources of heat. Using heating oil gives people a portable heating solution. Oil can be carried to wherever heat is needed. Unlike natural gas, oil doesn’t rely on pipelines to get from place to place. This means that people in remote areas can use heating oil as long they have a way to transport and store it. As far as transporting oil is concerned, there isn’t any requirement for using special tanks like there is for transporting propane. The cost of transporting oil isn’t as high as other fuel sources.

Another benefit that is using Heating Oil in Groton CT has is that it is safer than other methods of heating. Heating oil has an extremely low volatility. It’s actually safe to store heating oil inside of a home as long as it is kept away from extreme sources of heat. Other fuels use pressurization that can cause explosions if the tanks are compromised. For safety purposes, these types of tanks have to be stored outside of the home, but the tanks could still cause property damage and/or injury when they have to be accessed. Also, gas containers constantly have to be checked for dangerous leaks.

People also like the fact that heating oil is powerful enough to quickly heat a home. Oil can produce well over 130,000 BTU/gallon. Propane produces slightly more than 90,000 BTU/gallon, so it clearly isn’t as powerful as heating oil. The heat from oil can be spread throughout a home by using radiators or vents. Oil is as efficient as it is powerful. This means that those who choose heating oil save a lot of money on their annual heating costs.

If you are confused as to what is needed to use heating oil, you could look here on the Internet to find out. For most setups, a furnace, storage tank, and heat-distribution system will be needed. There also has to be an exhaust system in place so that the byproducts of the combustion process can be safely removed from the area being heated. Professional heating companies can help people get started with heating oil.

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