Everything You Need to Know About the Flatbed UV Printer

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


In today’s day and age, we have so many different machines and technologies that have been designed to take care of very specific tasks and purposes. Being able to recognize them all might be nearly impossible, but a little research could help you understand at least a few. If you’re in a business that requires the use of a certain type of developed machinery, it would be in your best interest to learn about those machines as much as you can. Printers, especially, have countless different types that are all very different in specific purpose.

What Is a Flatbed UV Printer?

A flatbed UV printer is a specific type of flatbed printer, which is a machine that prints things onto flat materials. There are three types of flatbed printers: flatbed laser printers, flatbed screen printers, and flatbed inkjet printers. Flatbed inkjet printers have two subtypes, depending on what ink is used for the printing.

One type of flatbed inkjet printer is the flatbed UV printer, which is designed to reproduce digital images onto almost any kind of flat material. For example, it might be able to print onto leather, glass sheets, wood paneling, metal paneling, PVC, plastic film, or some other type of flat material. The printer uses a quickly curing ink, which allows the product to be used immediately after printing.

Choosing the Best Printer

Before you go looking to purchase a flatbed UV printer, keep in mind your specific needs so you can determine which model will be best for you. For example, consider the amount of space you have available to put the printer and what your budget is for purchasing. You should also keep in mind the types of things you’ll be printing and the materials that you’ll be printing on. Because there are many models available, just like any other printer, be sure to compare your options and pick the one that will be best suitable for your printing needs.

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