Examples of Unusual Ideas for a Concrete Patio Install in Minnesota

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Flooring Contractors


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Many homes have a plain concrete patio next to the house, but some property owners want a more upscale design that will be a true oasis. They may want an unusual shape so that the sections have different purposes. Contractors providing service for a concrete patio install in Minnesota are ready to help clients achieve dreams for the backyard.

A Clover Leaf

Consider a patio shaped like a clover leaf. Each leaf could have a different type of furniture. One might have a large table with chairs and an umbrella. Another could be for a few chaise lounges. The third might have a few patio chairs without a table. This style of concrete patio install in Minnesota is especially suitable for outdoor gatherings with many guests.

Two Separate Patios

Another uncommon but useful decision is to have two separate patios. This is especially suitable for a large sprawling home with plenty of yard space. A tri-level house built on a somewhat steep slope might have two sections of yard with a hill connecting them. One patio could be on top and the other on the low side.

The two-patio setup could provide a play area for the children and a separate area for the adults to relax. The children’s space might even have semi-permanent features like a playhouse on or next to the concrete.

Two Patios With a Walkway

Some homeowners have two patios connected by a walkway. One is next to the house and the other a distance away. The oasis would be surrounded by shrubbery and other types of greenery.

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