Excavator Compaction Wheel Can Increase Job Site Efficiency By 40%

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


More professional heavy equipment operators and services are discovering that using an excavator compaction wheel is a superior way to compact soil rather than using a vibratory machine. The result means saving a lot of time and money. Wheel devices are also easier on both machine and operator — less wear & tear and stress.

Another reason that an excavator compaction wheel is a better choice is eliminating the soil bridging effect. A vibrating machine works from the top down leaving unbroken soil or clay beneath the surface. These unbroken portions are surrounded by empty space. That’s results in the “bridging effect.” But a compactor wheel works from the bottom up meaning there is no unbroken clumps, so no empty spaces and no bridging.

Speaking of clay, and especially heavy clay, attempting to compact this stuff with vibrating machinery is problematic, to say the least. Clay can simply be immune to vibration action. But the forceful and aggressive sheering action of a wheel easily compacts clay and effortlessly mixes it in with other soil types. Wheels also process the levels of material as they compact.

It’s all about doing everything faster and more efficiently. A compaction wheel can completely prepare of finish an area in five to 10 passes. By comparison, vibrating machines require and indeterminate amount of time – that basically means longer. More man hours, more running time for machinery and greater costs.

You can assume an excavator wheel will handle all types of soil. They are easy to install and uninstall — usually with a standard factory pin. Better yet, no special hydraulics or power systems are needed. They last a long time, too. Many companies confidently offer five years warranties because problems and breakdowns are rare.

A high-quality excavator compaction wheel can increase the overall efficiency of, say, a trenching operation by as much as 40%.

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