Expert Tips on Creating Outdoor Advertising Campaigns in Norman, Ok

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2021


When creating successful advertising campaigns, you must remember that not all ads are suitable for outdoor advertising. They cannot be as ornate or as descriptive as advertising shown in such mediums as magazines or other sources. Here are some tips on how to craft outdoor advertising in Norman, OK.

Less Is More

When it comes to out-of-the-house advertising, any outdoor advertising companies in Norman, OK, will tell you that you need to keep it simple. The advertising should one idea and one idea ONLY. In addition to the theme of the ad, the only extraneous information included should be the company logo, contact information, and a unique slogan that correlates with the idea of the ad designed by Norman outdoor advertising companies.

Show Off Your Stuff

When dealing with outdoor advertising, remember to show off your product or services with more pictures and fewer words. This is for the simple fact that people aren’t going to take the time to stop and read things while they are outside. Norman outdoor advertising companies state that mental recall from potential customers is one of the biggest keys to successful advertising.

Colors Should Contrast

Outdoor advertising in Norman, OK, works the best when the advertising contains colors that contrast. This makes the readability of the ads much easier than if low contrast colors are used.

Big and Bold

Make the letters in the advertising as large as you realistically can. Outdoor advertising companies in Norman, OK, all agree that it makes it easier to read from a distance and also gives a sense of urgency to the message itself.

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