Exploring Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


It seems to be a widespread mistaken belief that honey bees are a species nearing extinction. While there are billions of honey bees, and they are not scarce, they are believed to be under risk. There have been substantial deaths of bees the world over and if this development persists these helpful insects could become truly endangered. Therefore, it is wise to turn to Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA before making any determinations about the treatment or removal of a nest. If a hive is initiating no security problems, the best strategy is to ignore it or engage a beekeeper to relocate it.

When it comes to stinging bugs, honey bees are without a doubt the most passive. Since they fertilize more than eighty percent of the world’s fruits and vegetables, their value is apparent. Honey bees have a habit of constructing hives in hollow trees. However it is the nests inside the walls or attic of a building can become exceedingly problematic. A hive can hold up to eighty thousand honey bees as well as up to eighty pounds of honey. Honey can severely damage a structure if it isn’t eradicated.

It is wise to contact Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA in order to remove or relocate a honey bee hive from your home. It is in everyone’s best interest to transfer the bees to a beekeeper’s hive so that their valuable work can endure. Sometimes bees can be rescued by confining them outside a wall or taking down a wall and physically removing them. Both possibilities can be expensive and take a great deal of time.

If there is no pressing danger, it is advisable to remove a hive in late winter or early spring when lower numbers of bees are present. Once the hive is uncovered, honeycomb is removed and deposited in a beekeeper’s box. Most beekeepers have a vacuum specially designed to remove the bees without injuring them. The effort needed to move a nest of bees, including the accompanying honey, is tremendous and once completed you are still faced with the task or rebuilding a wall. For even more information visit the website of The-Beeman.

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