Expungement Lawyers in Vermont May Help People Get a Fresh Start

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


An old criminal conviction can often prevent a person from getting a good job or renting a home in a nice area. Even though the person has served their sentence and proven they are a contributing member of society, the odds are still stacked against them as long as someone can request a copy of their criminal record and discover the conviction. Fortunately, Vermont law allows many people who served sentences more than 10 years ago to erase that record and begin living their life like a truly free person. This law is designed to help people who have committed their lives to obeying laws and making a real contribution to society. Although it isn’t available for everyone, many people qualify under the expungement law and are able to get a fresh start at life.

There are several rules related to destroying criminal records and a few exceptions to this law. For these reasons, it can be helpful to consult with expungement lawyers in Vermont prior to filing the paperwork with the court. An attorney may help a person determine whether their conviction qualifies for expungement and even walk them through the process to ensure their case is resolved in a timely manner. One of the most common reasons people who qualify for expungement don’t get it done is because they don’t understand how to fill out the forms. An experienced lawyer could help with this.

When a person is able to get their record expunged, it will be physically destroyed by the court. expungement lawyers in Vermont could answer questions related to this action. Alternatively, anyone interested in expunging their criminal record can click here to learn more. Once the record is destroyed, a person who has gone through this process will not have to answer questions about the old case when applying for admission to college or for student aid, when seeking an apartment or when filling out a job application. Although a record will exist showing the expungement took place, all of the documents related to the case will be gone so no one, including law enforcement or the court will have access to the information.

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