Exterior Contractors in Madison, WI Provide Repair and Maintenance Services for Blacktop

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Exterior Contractors in Madison WI can help property owners to keep asphalt pavement looking great. Sometimes, that requires filling in flaws, rebuilding crumbled edges, and removing stains from vehicle fluids. Resealing also can be done, and this project often is necessary after stain removal. Oil and other fluids actually damage the pavement, and the stains are difficult to remove even if addressed quickly.

The Advantages of Asphalt

Asphalt, as installed by a contractor such as Tri-County Paving Inc., is durable and reliable, and many homeowners like the rich, black look for the driveway. Asphalt also is the most common material for commercial and institutional parking lots, since it is significantly less expensive than concrete to have installed.

The Importance of Maintenance

The pavement will need some attention from time to time, especially in a climate like that of the Madison area. For example, repeated freezing and thawing episodes are common here and can cause holes and cracks. Those flaws get bigger over time if not repaired promptly.

Resealing should be done after the first time patching becomes necessary. Experts generally recommend having the blacktop resealed every other year beyond this. It prevents deterioration and keeps the asphalt looking dark and fresh.

Lack of Maintenance Consequences

Pavement that is never maintained becomes obvious because it fades to a pale gray. It also develops numerous cracks, holes, and places where small blocks of asphalt come loose from the rest of the pavement.

When pavement reaches this stage of deterioration, entire areas of the asphalt must be removed and replaced. It’s not possible to effectively repair blacktop when many wide cracks have developed and chunks of the material have come loose. Small cracks can be sealed and small holes can be filled.

Hiring Professional Paving Contractors

Proper sealing of a driveway or other asphalt pavement blocks harmful elements to a certain extent, but certain substances are too strong for the sealant. Sealing and other types of repair work can be done by the property owners if they want to, but most people hire exterior contractors in Madison WI to make sure the job is done right.

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