Facts About Abortion During Gestation

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


An abortion prior to the 180-day mark of gestation can be spontaneous, natural, or induced. An abortion in the medical sense corresponds to the first two quarters, however, for legal purposes and in cases of severe malformations, time may exceed those dates. Abortions, whether natural or induced, are followed by the expulsion of the vaginal canal, and may be preceded by a loss of blood from the vagina. Read on to learn more about Private Abortion Services.

A surgical abortion consists of the termination of pregnancy in the operating room by a surgical technique. It is essential not to have eaten or drunk anything for 8 hours before surgery. It is convenient to be accompanied by a relative. The most frequently used technique is to be supplemented, sometimes with curettage diagnostic confirmation. And each patient must always go back in for a follow-up. Usually a couple weeks after the procedure. This is done in order to confirm the perfect realization of the intervention and primarily to discuss a planning method to prevent a similar situation from recurring. There are variations in the surgical techniques used according to how far along the mother is.

Up to 12 weeks of gestation:

A vacuum aspiration technique is employed, in which, after disinfecting the genital area and dilating the cervix, uterine contents are emptied by aspiration. The doctor will then perform a scraping or curettage of the cavity. It is performed under ultrasound guidance for increased reliability as this also helps prevent complications. Surgeons can use general or local anesthesia, depending on the wish of the patient, provided that there is a medical indication that it is contraindicated.

From 12 weeks of gestation:

This type of Private Abortion Services is performed under general anesthesia. Until 18 weeks of gestation, the technique is similar to that used in the above case, in some cases requiring prior cervical preparation (application of a medication in the cervix to soften and dilate). The patient must remain in post-surgical care for about 6 hours, though. This particular technique consists of prior cervical preparation and subsequent induction of uterine contractions until fetal expulsion, then using the curettage for cleaning. For more information, visit Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic today.

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