Facts About Shale Roofing in Carmel

by | May 30, 2017 | Home Improvement


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Slate Roofing in Carmel is made from shale rock, which means it is dark. It is divided into thin plates, which are then placed on the roof. They are often used in architecture to promote a certain look, especially in and around mountains and across the countryside. Slate tiles are difficult to appreciate, mainly due to it not being as “famous” as other options. Having so many options to choose from doesn’t help matters any. These tiles can be of different colors (not dark blue) and varied shapes. It is mostly used when the roof is sloping heavily.

Slate has several advantages. It is highly prized by many architects thanks to its very attractive advantages. Slate looks gorgeous on a roof, which means the aesthetic aspect is very important and very successful with this tile. It offers great charm at home and is designed to turn heads. It is a very attractive material that many go for if they know about it. However, it exists in several styles so that everyone can be satisfied. Moreover, it has a long lifespan, a lifespan of more than 100 years.

The cost of the slate is advantageous in the sense that it is not very expensive (between $65 and $75 per square meter, this is excessive for some, however), knowing that it lasts over time, Slate Roofing in Carmel very little maintenance, if any. It keeps its color, so it stays beautiful for years to come. It is safe for the environment because it is partly made of ecological materials, which also means it limits the consumption of energy and, thus, lowers your power bill.

On the other hand, slate roofing also has drawbacks. Even though this type of roofing has a few inconveniences, many overlook them because of its aesthetic appeal and longevity. The first disadvantage, of course, is its cost. Countless homeowners do not even give this option a second look because of its high price. However, they fail to realize its true potential and its lifespan. Another disadvantage is that professional roofers should be the only people installing it. This, yet again, adds to the final cost of the renovation. It is also a bit heavy, unlike other materials. Contact Amos Exteriors Inc for more details.

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