Families Rely on Makeup and Hair Artistry Provided by Funeral Directors in Bel Air

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Funeral Directors in Bel Air cannot change the reality of what has happened when a family loses a loved one, but they can help lighten the struggle with decisions about practical matters. They also can help mask reality to a certain extent in some cases. What does that mean?

Making the Person Look Natural

Sometimes, a family calls to a funeral home for help after a loved one has passed away in a terrible accident or a long, difficult disease. The family may want to show their loved one in an open casket but not the way the person looked at the time of death. They count on Funeral Directors in Bel Air to provide high-level skills with makeup, hair, and perhaps wigs to make the deceased individual look as normal as possible.

The family members and other people who come to the funeral often are impressed at the natural results achieved in the deceased person’s appearance. Children remember Grandma the way she used to be before Alzheimer’s disease took its toll. Brothers and sisters of a person killed in a motorcycle accident are gratified to see how relaxed the individual appears, as though sleeping.

A Touch of Comfort

The harsh reality has not truly been changed, but the work of an organization such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services eases the trauma at least a little bit. The family is relieved that they were able to do what they believe is right for such a farewell ceremony. They never wanted to deal with this kind of situation, but now they try to get through it with grace and a semblance of calm.


This work of funeral homes has always been one of the most valued services they provide. In recent decades, they have also been helping increasing numbers of people create more personalized funerals and memorial services than was typical in the past. Photo boards, videos, and personal mementos are set up so everyone can reminisce. Anyone who is now facing the emotionally challenging task of arranging a service for a loved one may visit the website of one particular organization to learn more.

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