FAQs About Services Provided By Environmental Inspection Companies In Columbus, OH

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2016


In Ohio, the state health department assigns health inspectors to a variety of establishments. These inspectors must identify any risks found inside these establishments and enforce fines for violations. The following are FAQs about services provided by Environmental Inspection Companies in Columbus OH.

What Determines Grades for Food Services and Restaurants?

The condition of food preparation stations and refrigeration is the first factor evaluated. The health inspection must show that the food service provider uses foods that are approved through Ohio Food Codes. They must take measures to prevent cross-contamination of the food provided. They must also achieve adequate food cooking temperatures as well as appropriate temperatures when cleaning dishes used for food prep.

How Often are Inspections Performed for Daycare Centers?

All daycare centers are inspected at least twice each year. These inspections identify any condition that places children at risk. The daycare center receives an approval or disapproval. They don’t receive a specific grade. The owner must address any areas of concern before reopening the daycare after a disapproval. Envirospect can help these establishments pass county inspections.

What Inspection Types are Performed at Public Schools?

The most common include inspections for the ventilation system to identify environmental hazards. They inspect the heating and cooling system for these reasons as well. Any unsafe gas emissions are also violations. The food kitchen used to prepare lunches is also included in the inspection.

What Inspectors Evaluate Hospitals?

The Department of Public Health assigns a Regional Environmental Heath Specialist to inspect hospitals. These inspectors work within the Environmental Health Department of this state agency. They manage these inspections to prevent risks to public health. Environmental Inspection Companies in Columbus Ohio identify risks before formal inspections.

At What Intervals are Hotels Inspected?

Hotels and motels are inspected annually. However, if any health risk is discovered or reported, additional inspections are conducted. The Health Department manages these additional requirements based on the type of risk is found.

In Ohio, all environmental or health inspections are performed by specialists. The specialist isn’t required to give any establishment previous notice of the inspection. The findings of the inspections determine if the establishment is able to continue operating. Any establishment that wishes to schedule an inspection contacts Environmental Inspection Companies in Columbus OH today.

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