FAQs That A Fence Contractor In Moreno Valley Can Answer

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


In California, property owners must identify certain conditions that could affect their preferred fence installation. The location of the property could require a contractor to secure permits before the project starts. It could also affect the type of fence that is accessible to the property owner. A Fence contractor in Moreno Valley can answer frequently asked questions for property owners.

Why Should Property Owners Hire a Surveyor Before Installing a Fence?

The surveyor can measure the property based on the dimensions identified on the property title or deed. The skilled individual could acquire information from the county and define the property lines more effectively. Once the property lines are identified, the surveyor can place stakes around the property where the fence should be installed. The service eliminates all possible property disputes with neighbors and prevents any further delays.

Why Should Property Owners Discuss the Installation with a Homeowner’s Association?

A homeowner’s association can deny the installation of the fence based on their guidelines and bylaws for property owners who live inside a subdivision. The rules specify the height and width of any fence installations that are allowed within the planned community. Without their permission, the property owner could face unwanted fees and is required to remove the fence.

Why Should Utility Companies Come to the Property Before the Installation?

It is necessary to identify all areas of the property where utility lines run underground. The utility company is aware of where the lines are on each property. It is vital for the utility workers to show the fence contractor where the lines are to prevent any damage. If the contractor doesn’t identify the location of the lines first, the property owner could lose access to the utility services until the damage is repaired. Some utility companies may also require the property owner to pay for repair services.

In California, a new fence could provide property owners with an elegant focal point for their property. The installations could also provide adequate privacy around pools and playgrounds. Property owners who want to purchase a fence can contact a Fence contractor in Moreno Valley and schedule an appointment or Click Here for more details now.

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