Features and Amenities of a Waterfront Restaurant

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Do you consider yourself a fine diner, a food connoisseur or an all-round social butterfly? Whatever type of character you are, sitting down and tucking into a plate of water-fresh fare at a waterfront restaurant is sure to satisfy. Home to thousands of beaches and numerous rivers, Australia’s many dining establishments benefit from being set on the waterfront, offering customers panoramic views of the sea and sand. If you are thinking about booking a table at a seafront eatery, check out some of the amenities and features you can enjoy during your visit.

Live Music

The fact that most waterfront venues are located far away from neighbourhoods and other businesses means that they will be able to present guests with live music at all hours, minus the worry of disturbing people close-by. Music from a band or a musician will set the mood and will create the perfect setting for a special event, whether it is a wedding or an anniversary. Be sure to check what events are in the pipeline before you visit a waterfront restaurant because if an eagerly anticipated musical shindig is just around the corner, you might have to reserve your table in advance!

Conference and Function Rooms

The location of a waterfront restaurant also makes it ideal for holding a business conference or hosting a bash, from birthday parties to celebratory dinners. Because of this, the majority of restaurants sat on the coast will offer their guests the opportunity to rent out conference or function rooms. These rooms will be positioned away from the general public, giving you privacy and space to enjoy the experience and even more, the view. Reservations will probably have to be done in advance to avoid disappointment though, so don’t sit back and let someone make a booking before you.

A La Carte Menus

Waterfront restaurants will get very busy, particularly during the summer months. To keep up with high demand from customers, most businesses will present hungry guests with a la carte menus. Typically, these set menus will feature a starter, main course and dessert, and it will cater to vegetarians. Being able to choose set meals for a fixed price provides the customer with convenience and it makes preparing meals a whole lot easier for the chef. Expect to see fresh fish on the menus if you’re dining at a place close to the sea or river, too.

Views of the Noosa River can be admired while you eat at the Noosa Boathouse. To find out what events are set to take place at this waterfront restaurant, call 00000000.

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