Features to Consider for Service Shop Software

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Software Company


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You’ve already determined that service shop software is essential for your business to succeed and now you’re wondering what you need. Most people focus on a few aspects, such as creating quotes/bills of service and generating tickets. These aspects are essential, but your product can do a lot more if you choose wisely.

Typical Features

Almost every service shop software package includes the basics, such as creating repair estimates, writing repair orders, keeping track of records (vehicle and customer), printing repair orders, and inventory. If you choose a software that only does these things, you are still golden because that is what most of them are designed to do. However, you can find options that go above and beyond, making it even easier for you and your team of professionals.

Mobile Compatibility

You may not realize it, but your technicians do a lot of extra legwork. If they can’t access the orders and tickets on a tablet or computer, they have to walk back and forth. Likewise, they may have to give the bill of sale or work order to the administrative assistant when they’re finished.

Instead, you can ensure that your software includes mobility. Purchase a few inexpensive tablets for the crew and watch things unfold. When the administrative assistant puts in the work order, they can access it in the back from their computer/tablet. They can complete the work, looking up vehicle specs and making sure parts are available. Then, they can complete the ticket, and the front office can retrieve it, and the customer can pay.

Cloud Capability

If your service shop software is web-based, you may find that it’s easier to access or generate reports wherever you are, even if it’s at home or a conference. You get real-time information at the touch of a button no matter where you are. Click here for more information.

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