Fight For Your Rights Through a Visitation Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY

Posted By : Alex , on Mar, 2015


Whether you are separated, divorced or no longer in a relationship with your child’s parent, you still have the right to see your child. Unfortunately, the end of a relationship often causes issues with custody and visitation. If you have been fighting to be able to see your child and are not being given your rights, you may need to seek help from a Visitation Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY. A lawyer can assist you in getting legal visitations set up so you can be a part of your child’s life.

When a visitation issue arises, the court often has to get involved. Any decisions on visitation or custody will be based on the child’s interest. The child’s interest will be determined by several factors. These include:

  • Age, gender and health of the child
  • Physical and emotional health of the parents
  • Parent’s ability to financially provide for the child’s needs
  • Lifestyle of the parents
  • How prepared both parents are in being an active part of their child’s life
  • Emotional ties between each parent and the child
  • Child’s wants if they are over the age of twelve
  • Stability of each living arrangement
  • Quality of the school system the child will be enrolled in

The non-custodial parent has the legal right to be given a reasonable visitation schedule. If both parents cannot work out a fair visitation schedule, the court can structure one. Depending on the case, visitation may be supervised through the court. Visit website for more details about the visitation lawyer.

Unless there are safety concerns for the child, a custodial parent cannot deny the non-custodial parent visitation. Many custodial parents deny visitation when child support has not been paid. In this case, the court needs to be involved to make a call on what steps need to be taken to rectify the situation.

If you are being denied visitation, you need a Visitation Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY. Contact the office of Keith, Shapiro & Ford and learn how they can assist you in protecting your rights so you can legally see your child on a set and fair schedule. Call today for your appointment.

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