Filters are the First Line of Defense for Air Conditioning and Heating in Atlanta GA

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Air conditioner filters are the most important defensive measures that are built into your system. With filters, your AC’s life is tremendously increased as long as the filters are kept clean. Filters on air conditioning and heating in Atlanta GA help improve air quality within your home.

Regular Maintenance is Important

Industry experts suggest that you change the AC filter after thirty days; however, certain technological advances have made it possible to let your filter sit in your unit for 90 days without requiring replacement. The only way to know if your filter requires attention is by carrying out regular inspection.

If thick dust covers your filter, it is time to have it cleaned or replaced. Clogged filters make your unit work harder increasing the utility bills.

How to Purchase the Right Filter

As you purchase the air conditioner, it is crucial you are aware of the options available to you in order to choose the best filter on the market:

1. Fiberglass -;

2. If you are on a budget, the standard, thirty-day filter will suffice. However, do not let this filter sit. Fiberglass filters have a tendency to clog up quickly and after one month, it will do your system and you no good.

3. The Electrostatic Filter -;

4. These filters are disposable, and it is advisable to change them monthly. According to manufacturers, the air flowing through the filters helps create a thermostatic charge that traps dust and other contaminants better. This type of filter is a better choice if someone in your family experiences breathing problems like allergies and asthma.

5. Electronic -;

6. Electric filters are premium quality in the world of filters. Once these filters are hooked to electrical power, they filter contaminants from the surrounding air. They are easy to clean, are virtually maintenance-free, saving you lots of trouble since you do not have to buy new filters after a change.

The list above is just a sampling of what is available on the market today as far as air conditioner filters are concerned. Air conditioning and heating in Atlanta GA requires that you make use of clean filters all through. Click here to find additional information on how you can keep the air quality in your home clean.

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