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Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Oct, 2014


If you’re managing a business and you realize that you do not know all the answers, then you’re a good manager. You realize that to improve aspects of a business, its required to bring in a professional in that field. This should be an expert who knows their way around, and more importantly, what not to do. Business process consulting is becoming a widely popular aspect of running a business, and with experts in the fields of accounting, IT and human resources available, your operation will be more efficient and profitable. These companies do this through a technique called “business process management,” which as the name suggests, manages your business processes. They can take a look at your processes and find areas to improve upon. The forms, however, in which this process can take on are numerous. Here’s a couple of the different methods used to facilitate this method.


Business process consulting works on an outsourced basis in which your company will be surveyed and then potential ideas are compiled. As the term “consulting” implies, the individual or company is only acting as another voice, not an actual sector or applicator.


Even though technically, consulting is also outsourcing, this aspect of business process consulting is more direct. You outsource a company to actively change your operational processes to run better, tighter, and more efficiently. This way may adjust aspects which you once preferred, but is often better, as it utilizes best practices. It is not viewed through the eyes of an owner or manager who already works there, so new ideas are implemented.

While improving your business, whether you choose consultants or outsource the whole operation, you need to keep your eye on the end goals. One of the main issues with companies attempting to impose business process management from the inside is a myopic view. This means any attempts to change the processes are nullified by the current managers in the company. Change from within always focuses around existing business models known by the company. When you change from outside, however, new ideas can come to the table, suddenly introducing a new way to run a process at a fraction of the current costs.

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