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by | Sep 25, 2015 | Tours & Travel


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What is one of the best ways to find wineries in the heart of California’s winery region? The wine tasting map for Paso Robles! It is a great user-friendly map that is easy to understand and use. This type of digital download is available through email and gives you the ability to see particular maps on your tablet or phone. However, it is not just simply an app. In fact it’s not an app at all, it’s a website. When you are ready to go wine tasting, and you are not quite sure which wineries you want to visit, this map can show you were to go and exactly how to get there. It even tells you their hours of operation. The latest technology is used to help you reach your exact destination. Do you want to visit another type of tasting trail for items such as dipping oils? No problem! You can find those as well with the use of your tablet or phone and the tasting map.

Grab Your Tablet or Phone and Go!

Once you have logged onto the website you can view the Wine Testing Maps for the locations you want to visit. If you are already in Paso Robles, then your exact location will be picked up. Perhaps you are still on the countryside enjoying the ride, no problem. You can insert your location, and the maps will show you the closest restaurants, wineries, breweries, hotels, coffee shops, cheese shops, and olive oil tasting venues. Don’t worry about how you are going to get there. The maps will show you the exact route you need to take with simple directions, the distance you will be traveling currently, phone numbers, business hours, and any links that are available for websites. Even if you lose connectivity, the directions will remain on your device.

Are You Feeling Adventurous and Lucky?

If you want to add a little pizazz to your trip, then you can press the ‘Tasting Trails’ option. There are selected wineries listed that are unique and have characteristics such as pretty and beautiful settings, and cool and hip locations. If you are just passing through the Paso Robles area, you can choose to venture to locations that are given for downtown, or near highway 101. New trails are added all the time, so it’s a good idea to be adventurous often!

Paso Robles Wineries offers a convenient way to find local wineries, hotels, and restaurants with their wine tasting map for Paso Robles. Contact them to learn more.

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