Finding a Company for Windshield Replacement in Minneapolis MN

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


A windshield is an integral part of the design and support of a car. This glass protects the the occupants of a vehicle from weather elements, dust, debris, and bugs. It also functions to help keep passengers in a car when there is a wreck. In addition, this car window serves to help prevent the part of the car it’s installed onto from collapsing during vehicle accident. When a windshield is damaged beyond repair, it’s necessary to have a Windshield Replacement in Minneapolis MN performed. To find a company to do this proficiently, you will need to do some research on local businesses that offer this service.

If you have not worked with auto-glass company before, ask friends, family members, and co-workers. Ask about the quality of workmanship and customer service each person received. Word-of-mouth is sometimes a useful way to gather information about workers. You can also call your insurance company. Many insurance agencies have a list of auto-glass companies they work directly with. Also, inquire about these companies to your auto mechanic. These professionals hear details about auto-glass companies other people aren’t privy to.

Once you have the names of an auto-glass company, call the business to get acquainted with their services. The company should have the phone answered in a professional manner and not with a generic greeting such as “auto-glass” or “auto-glass services”. Ask about the services the company offers. Some businesses offer both facility-based replacements and mobile glass replacement. Other businesses offer one or the other only. Find out which before you make an appointment.

When you talk to a professional with a company you are researching, inquire about the use of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass. Some companies offer this and generic glass replacement. It’s beneficial to work with technicians who will handle your insurance claims for you. Ensure that the company’s safe drive away time (SDAT) is in compliance with criteria mandated by U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Please visit the website of Harmon Autoglass. You can get additional info here about auto-glass services. Doing this will enable you to have safer transportation.

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