Finding a Company to Design Monuments in Connecticut Can Be an Emotional Experience

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


Walking through a graveyard shows a mere sampling of the vast array of ways to memorialize someone. Tall and pointy? A slab of engraved granite planted in the ground? A traditional headstone? A more delicate marker? Something showy, something less showy? Bigger, smaller, this type of stone, that type of stone? It can quickly become overwhelming, and can feel even more so at a time that is already emotional. Nothing is more difficult than losing a loved one. Laying them to rest is devastating enough without worrying about the quality of their grave marker.

Mortuaries can steer customers to companies for most of their funeral-related needs, and that is one option. However, finding a company with visions and prices that better fit a family’s specific needs for Monuments in Connecticut may require reaching out to services beyond those suggested by a funeral director. Selecting a service to help design and craft the grave marker standing over a loved one means carefully considering the company’s reputation and the quality of its products.

Materials should be guaranteed not to crumble in the rain and wind. Engraving and contouring should look professional and attractive, and the company should not hesitate to show examples of their work that prove such. Some companies, such as Business Name, even post galleries of their work online so that potential customers can pick out what they like and examine quality from the comfort of their own home. And, most importantly, this sort of company ought to have excellent customer service, treating its bereaved clients professionally and compassionately.

Ideally, a company producing grave markers will have off-hours appointments available, especially since those who are attending to the death of a family member have often maxed out their vacation days caring for the recently deceased. They should also be easy to get up with. Monuments in Connecticut are literally carved in stone, and because of that, it is a big decision that may require multiple appointments, check-ins and reassurances. Also due to the “carved in stone” factor, it is essential to double-check names and dates before finalizing the design. A good monument service will remind their customers of this.

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