Finding a Company to Represent your Rental Properties

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on May, 2015


Owning multiple rental properties can be a great money maker; but not if those units are sitting vacant.  Maybe you don’t have time to manage them all properly, or perhaps you spend a lot of time traveling and know you won’t be able to keep updated on maintenance issues or general upkeep. The best solution in this case is to find a reputable property management companies in San Jose, one that has more than 35 years of experience getting both residential and commercial properties noticed and rented in a timely manner.

Marketing Advantage for your Property

Being able to get your rental listed on more than a dozen places is a great way to get a tenant in your home or commercial building fast! Local flyers and newsletters, online rental listing pages, as well as the MLS if applicable can go a long way to turning that vacant property into an inhabited money-maker. Management companies can provide online virtual tours, as well as take care of in-person property showings. They can answer potential tenant questions and provide all rental or lease agreement paperwork. Once all of that is in order, they can then accept rental deposits and monthly fees as per your requirement on the individual property.

Pre-Screening Potential Tenants

Once a potential tenant has been located, the managers of your property will conduct extensive tenant screenings. This covers a variety of aspects including past landlord references, income and employment verification, driver’s license verification and more to be sure this person is who they claim to be and is in a financial position to keep up with a monthly rent cost. In the end, you can be sure the tenant in your property is responsible and reliable, and will take care of it for a long time to come.

Keeping You Informed

Letting you know about any property damages, fixing any minor issues before they become a big problem, and only using trusted and insured vendors with up to date business licenses for maintenance jobs too large for the managers to handle are just some of the benefits of using a management company. This takes a load of weight off your shoulders while still getting your property taken care of so it can continue to bring in a rental fee for you. You will soon find you have more free time to do the things you enjoy, instead of spending your days trying to manage your own rentals.

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