Finding A Doctor Specializing In Pediatrics

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


Moving to a new area of the country, or even moving across a large city, may result in families needing to find a new doctor specializing in pediatrics. In general, most children will see a pediatrician throughout their childhood years and even into their teens.

While a primary care physician, or a family doctor, has the ability to see children, most parents prefer to have a specialist work with the children at least until they are in their teens. If there are chronic health issues a pediatrician may actually see patients until they are 21, and then transfer to a family doctor or other specialist. Choosing pediatrics over general medicine or family doctors just adds that extra layer of specialization that gives parents peace of mind.

Specialization Matters

In the very early years of a child’s life there are a lot of changes going on in their little bodies. By taking your child or children to all required appointments during their earliest years, a doctor specializing in pediatrics can often detect small indicators or possible factors that may indicate health issues.

With this early warning or notice of the indicators, proactive and sometimes very slightly changes can be made in the child’s healthcare that may result in avoiding a much more serious issue later.

Just knowing that potential health issues are being monitored is a big plus for parents. A pediatrician will also continue to participate in regular and ongoing training, giving them the advantage of having the latest in best practices and treatment options specific to children.

There are some doctors working in highly specialized areas of pediatrics. These include neurology, infectious diseases, and congenital health issues. Often if there is a risk of a congenital health issue or a health issue occurring after birth, a specialized pediatrician will be involved on the child’s treatment team.

Child-friendly and Focused

Doctors with a specialization in pediatrics are very child-focused and friendly. They have the ability to talk to children as well as to parents, and they go out of their way to make children feel comfortable and relaxed during visits and treatments.

This isn’t to say that only those doctors specializing in pediatrics do this, and family doctors are also typically great with kids of all ages. Depending on your family doctor, and where your pediatrician is located, your family doctor may see your children for wellness care and the pediatrician only when there is a need.

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