Finding Quality Vestibular Concussion Treatment in Atlanta, GA

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Healthcare


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Concussions come in different shapes and sizes. More importantly, there are different areas of the brain and body that can be affected because of certain concussive impacts.

For instance, there is a focus on the vestibular system that can result in major balance issues. Concussion and vestibular therapy can put a greater emphasis on identifying the various symptoms that can lead to proper vestibular concussion treatment in Atlanta, GA.

Vestibular Concussions

What is a vestibular concussion? When there is a significant impact or blow to the head, it has the capability of impairing the vestibular system. That system is what acts as the balance center of the body, which can have an impact on movement because it allows one to stand upright, as well as coordinate head and eye movement.

Vestibular concussion treatment in Atlanta, GA, can provide treatment to improve the functioning of your vestibular system. Certain treatments can help improve balance, reduce dizziness, and improve coordination overall.

Cognitive Issues

Another area in which concussions can impact various parts of the brain and body is through cognitive issues. Having cognitive issues can result in difficulty learning or retaining new information, a decrease in multitasking abilities, increased distractibility, and a loss of concentration.

With so many potential symptoms that can arise from concussive impacts, having the right help can be crucial. Whether you require vestibular concussion treatment in Atlanta, GA, ocular-motor, post-traumatic headache, or cervical care, you can ensure that your care is comprehensive.

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