Finding the Right Attorney in Lenoir for Your Disability Case Needs

by | May 10, 2023 | Social Security Attorneys


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When it comes to a disability case, the right lawyer is key. One wrong filing and the case could be dismissed forever. One wrong signature, and you can sign away a big portion of your financial award by settling for less. A few important keys will help you find the perfect lawyer in Lenoir City.

The first way to find the right disability attorney in Lenoir City is by talking to family and friends. These individuals will be able to tell you exactly how their attorney helped them and the overall results they received. You should speak with several people as most individuals will have used a different lawyer.

Another key to locating this type of attorney would be to search online. A simple keyword search for local disability attorneys will give you pages of results. The approach is to search out no more than the first two pages on the search engine. The attorneys listed on the first two pages of the search engine will have a reputation in the area; this means they will be able to get you the most amount of money when it comes to your settlement.

A great example of an excellent disability attorney in Lenoir City is Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC. This law firm is known for showing compassion and patience when it comes to helping its clients fill out paperwork to get the case started. This firm also prides itself on being extremely aggressive in the courtroom. You can reach them at

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