Fire Damage Restoration: A Profitable Investment Niche

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2015


Real estate investors big and small are constantly looking for new ways to market and find deals. Yet, many investors overlook fire damaged properties, even though they present a great opportunity for investment. Every year, over 300,000 house fires are reported in the United States alone; and the supply is heftier in some areas more than others. Even though the fire damage restoration process can appear to be daunting to many new (and some experienced) investors, if you work with the right professionals, the process can be as smooth as any other renovation. As technology improves, fire damage restoration becomes even more efficient and even less expensive, that’s what gives this niche the potential to be so profitable.

Fire damage restoration is no simple task and each aspect of the process should be considered as you evaluate a property. It’s a good idea to establish a contact at a reputable fire damage restoration company to accompany you during your inspection. When inspecting, remember to protect yourself by wearing thick clothing. Once the actual restoration begins, professionals will make use of advanced equipment to ventilate, clean, remove odors, and restore the property. This is not a DIY project for most people. Make sure to accurately analyze the project, a property that needs fire damage restoration may be more expensive to repair than most normal renovations, so it’s important to make your purchase price low enough to remain profitable. Consult your local code enforcement to find out exactly what you need to do to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

Real estate investing is still a great way to make money. Investors can profit a great deal from fire damaged homes provided they have the right experience, analysis, and fire damage restoration company.

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