Five Industrial Applications for A Nylon Powder Coating

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2019


Powder coatings are a useful and valued process. Many industries apply this type of coating to improve the performance and functionality of their components. Among the diverse types of powder coatings are those classified as thermoplastic. A nylon powder coating is one of the more popular types of thermoplastic coatings, suited as it is to handling the adverse effects of operating in a hostile environment.

Properties of Nylon Powder Coatings

Nylon powder coatings offer industries the chance to provide further protection to their components. By applying them with this thermoplastic coating, industries are imbuing a variety of desirable characteristics, including:

Overall, nylon coatings are selected for their qualities including:

  • Resistance against many chemicals and organic solvents
  • The ability to repel stress cracking
  • Good electrical and mechanical strength
  • Respectable levels of insulation
  • High heat resistance
  • High degree of corrosion protection and wear resistance
  • Sound and vibration absorption

Such qualities make a nylon powder coating the preferred choice in many industrial applications.

Industrial Applications

The use of powder-coated components is common in several high-performance industrial operations. The five most common applications are found in the:

  1. Automotive industry
  2. Medical products producers
  3. Furniture manufacturers
  4. Appliance industry
  5. Heavy equipment builders

These industries work in challenging conditions. They require their products to function optimally in environments that are stressful. In the case of heavy equipment and automobiles, external factors such as the weather and the road or site conditions affect the choice of coating. For medical instruments, nylon coatings allow them to be autoclaved repeatedly without negative effects.

Nylon Powder Coating

Nylon powder coatings are a thermoset coating providing components with advantageous properties. The application of a nylon powder coating delivers superior corrosion resistance as well as effective chemical and stress-cracking protection. Being environmentally friendly also helps its popularity among such highly demanding industries in the medical and automotive industries.

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