Five Minor Medical Issues that Experienced Doctors in Maui, HI

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2015


The islands of Hawaii are very popular for people all over the world to visit for a vacation spot. Subsequently, with so many people visiting the islands all year, the likelihood of people going to visit the a doctor or hospital for some ailment incurred while visiting is strong. Because getting a doctor may be difficult without a primary care referral, it may be better to go to an urgent care facility. Urgent care facilities are more preferred than emergency rooms because the costs are going to be less expensive and waiting time is generally cut down.

There are Experienced Doctors in Maui, who work in an urgent care facility that serves all ages. There are injuries that seem to be common when people are on vacation. Nearly 1/5 of all the people who take vacations experience illnesses or injury of some type during the trip. The most prevalent medical issue dealt with on vacation is food poisoning. Following are some of the other injuries or illnesses.

* Bike accidents and car accidents are the second leading cause of injuries during vacation. Skiing accidents follow behind the bike and car accidents.

* People also suffer from various allergic reactions to some foods or an insect bite.

* People also have water accidents and, unfortunately, many of them drown.

* Broken bones in the hands and wrist, or the ankles and feet are other injuries seen a lot in the urgent care center.

* Some people suffer lacerations and cuts that require up to 14 stitches. Anything that might need more stitches than that might be considered more than a minor emergency.

Wailea Medical Center has been providing urgent care solutions for individuals who are in the Hawaiian Islands area or are visiting from the mainland. Dr. Annelle E. Onishi M.D. is one of the many doctors who see patients at the center. The urgent care facility is the only one in the South Maui, Kihei and Wailea area that can provide X-Rays around the clock. If you will need Experienced Doctors in Maui who can take care of your urgent care needs, visit the Wailea Medical Center.

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