Floods Happen Without Warning. It Pays for Homeowners to Be Prepared

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2021


Flood damage is the most costly disaster a homeowner can ever experience. Floodwaters not only ruin your furniture and possessions, but also damages the structure of your home, and cause the growth of toxic mold.

Every year, flood damage costs Americans billions of dollars, and not all of that is covered by insurance. Also, nearly every county in the country has been affected by floods. Whether you live in Arizona or Alabama, floods happen and can affect your property.

While we can’t control the weather, we can, to a degree, control the level of damage a flood can cause. For example, flood barriers for homes can keep floodwaters from creeping in under your doors. Your doors are the primary way in which floodwaters can invade and damage the interior of your home.

Also, homeowners along the Gulf Coast are encouraged to install storm screens on their windows and doors; in the case of severe storms, high winds can break through doors and glass, allowing torrential rains into your home.

Floods can also devastate your small business, causing not only property damage but also loss of valuable goods and merchandise. Fortunately, the same flood barriers used for homes can also help to protect your small business.

Floods can happen without warning, and you may only have a matter of minutes to respond. If your area has historically been affected by floods, it pays to be prepared.

Flood Avert provides emergency flood barriers for homes and businesses that can be deployed in minutes.

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