Following Are The Right Steps With An Auto Accident Lawyer In Virginia Beach, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


In Virginia, all drivers are required to purchase at least liability coverage. This insurance pays for medical expenses and auto repair requirements for victims of an accident. The coverage doesn’t provide assistance for the vehicle owner. However, it fulfills their obligations to any drivers that were injured. When the driver fails to comply with these laws, they face certain liabilities. The following are the right steps with an auto accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA.

Provide the Attorney with a Full Account of the Accident

The victim should contact an attorney quickly after the accident. This prevents them from forgetting any vital details about the accident. The victim can provide a full account of the accident when filing a claim. Select attorneys will visit the victim at the hospital to collect their statements.

Submit a Request for All Medical Records

The victim should submit a request for all medical records related to the accident. These records show how the injuries occurred and how they affect the victim’s life. If they are long-term or permanent injuries, the victim may be entitled to a larger settlement. The value may equate to lifetime earnings if the victim becomes disabled.

Rule Out Comparative Fault

Comparative fault is used by the defense to imply that the victim shared fault in the accident. The only way the victim shared any fault is if they were guilty of a moving violation. The defense will try to make these allegations to lower the monetary award. If the court assigns any blame, a percentage is applied to reflect the victim’s portion of the fault. The award is reduced by this percentage.

Secure Witnesses to Support the Victim’s Claim

The attorney acquires statements from all witnesses that saw the accident. They provide testimony to support the victim’s claim. They will provide these statements in court.

In Virginia, drivers must maintain insurance to lower the need for lawsuits. However, if they fail, they must provide funds to cover medical and auto repair costs. Victims of these accidents that need help contact an auto accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA or visit the website for more information.

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