Foot and Ankle Specialists in Racine, WI Help Patients Dealing With High Foot Arches

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Health


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Having a condition commonly called flat feet is relatively common, but a contrasting and less prevalent condition can actually cause more problems. An abnormally high foot arch, medically known as pes cavus, can lead to various issues that are inconvenient, painful, and capable of reducing function. Foot and ankle specialists in Racine WI help patients dealing with this abnormality.

Foot Pain & Toe Calluses

Aches, as well as chronic dull pain and acute sharp pains, can be parts of the experiences patients with high arches deal with even though many people have no symptoms at all. Individuals instinctively modify the way they stand and move around to minimize the discomfort. They are likely to put more pressure on their heel, causing them to clench their toes to maintain balance. That can cause pain and cramps in the toes as well as calluses on that part of the foot.

Susceptibility to Sprained Ankles

High arches cause a natural tendency for the ankles to roll to the outside when the person walks, jogs, or does other activity on the feet. Combined with the way people with this condition tend to place their feet while standing and moving around, high arches can result in frequent ankle twists and sprains. Even minor sprains can take a long time to heal fully. During this time, the ankle remains weaker than before and more likely to be injured again.


Treatment for high arches at a clinic such as Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers is likely to begin with adaptive devices known as shoe insoles or orthotics. Insoles create support for the entire base of the foot while orthotics are shorter devices that fit under the arch while wearing shoes.

Many people with flat feet wear orthotics to build an arch artificially, but the equipment also provides support and balance for individuals with high arches. Although over-the-counter orthotics are available, patients generally achieve the best results with customized devices as prescribed by Ankle Specialists in Racine WI.

In addition, wearing the right shoes is imperative. Podiatrists can provide expert advice on recommended designs and support levels for shoes.

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