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by | Mar 24, 2017 | Business


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People love free stuff. It also seems to be a fact of human nature that receiving a gift makes people have positive feelings for the one who gave the gift. That’s why promotional products continue to be effective, even though some think they’re old school marketing. Marketing professionals such as Reco Branding Solutions in Bellingham WA have repeatedly shown that promotional products build brands.

Promotional Products Will Grow Your Business

•After receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers did business with whoever gave them the product.

•About 60% of consumers keep a promotional product up to two years.

•80% of consumers own up to 10 promotional products.

•Over half of all people use a promotional product every week.

2017 Trends in Promotional Products

People love gifts but are becoming more selective. At one time, any cheap promotional product would create a favorable impression. That’s no longer true. Today’s consumers are experienced shoppers with the whole world vying for their business. In order to create a positive impression for your brand, you can’t give away something that’s considered to be “junk.”

There are definite trends in the most popular promotional products in 2017.

•Technology-Related Products:

•If you want to keep your brand in front of a consumer, your gift has to be useful and well-made. The fastest-growing promos are related to technology and something the consumer would be willing to buy. Cell phone accessories such as a 2-in-1 charging cable for phones and tablets is something that would be used every day. A Venetian metal stylus is less expensive, but another product that would be used constantly.

•High-Value Products

•: As mentioned before, going cheap won’t accomplish your marketing goals, but sturdy products that will stand up under frequent use will do the job. Insulated beverage coolers are great to take to work or just about anywhere. Tote bags and insulated coolers continue to be very popular and receive more impressions than most promotional products.


•Clothing has always been popular with consumers, but in 2017 the most effective apparel is something that can be worn outside the office. Add a fun, cool graphic instead of using just a logo.

Reco Branding Solutions in Bellingham WA has promotional products that work. They’re experts at brand building and marketing.

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