For Safety, Keep Building Elevators In Good Working Order

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


When there is a question about an elevator being safe to use, get it repaired immediately. Elevators are very convenient in multi-story buildings. But, if they malfunction, people could be trapped between floors or even plunge down several floors to the bottom of the shaft and be injured.

This should not dissuade building owners from having elevators, but convince them to keep the elevators in a safe condition. Maintaining elevators and getting them repaired is as easy as calling a company such as Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC.

Scheduled Elevator Maintenance

Scheduled elevator maintenance is not that expensive and will keep building elevators running safely. The elevator system has several parts that need to be maintained.

  *     The cab of the elevator that holds the people

  *     The elevator equipment

  *     The elevator shaft

  *     The doors of the elevator

  *     Replacement of the elevator system

Every part of an elevator needs to be in good condition and working well together. Maintaining all of this equipment requires qualified, well-trained technicians. The technician must do a thorough inspection of all the elevator system, not missing anything.

Then, the problem must be corrected by replacing broken or worn out parts. There are several types of elevators including traction elevators and hydraulic elevators. Some problems include slow response times, too high energy use, overheating, elevator stuck between floors, noisy operation, and more.

Elevators can get old and out of date. Modernization can give them years of extra life. Replacement of an older elevator system with a new model can lead to faster response times and safer usage while also using fewer energy resources. New elevator systems run more quietly and have attractive cabs.

New Elevators

When a building owner wants to add an elevator system or replace an older system, they can call a company such as Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC. This company has representatives trained and qualified to design a new elevator system and give the building owner a free quote.

The company has plenty of information about elevator repair, sales, installation, and maintenance. Please go to for information or to set up an appointment with a company representative.

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