Four Types of Watch Repair in Wayne NJ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


Countless people throw their watches away when they stop working, thinking there is nothing that can be done to fix them. Many are unaware that a watch repair shop can typically fix a watch, even when it hasn’t worked in quite some time. Watch repair in Wayne NJ includes four types of services.

Removing Water Damage

Watches are not usually supposed to be in water unless they are waterproof. If a watch has been submerged in water, it will typically cease to work. A watch repairman will usually be able to dry the remaining water that has found its way inside the watch, and get the mechanism working once again. If the parts are too badly damaged or have been left for too long, replacement parts may be necessary.

Replacing Batteries

Those who own a watch can usually replace the battery themselves. However, some watches require a steady hand and tiny tool to open. Those who do not possess either can send their watches into a repair shop to have the procedure done for them. A shop has the right tools on hand to get a watch open quickly and easily. They also sell a wide variety of batteries to accommodate an assortment of watch types.

Soldering Broken Clasps

Some watches may work fine but can no longer stay around a person’s wrist because of a broken clasp. A repair shop will solder the clasp together and have it repaired, ensuring the watch can be worn again.

Crystal Replacement

The crystal glass in the center of the watch can sometimes break. Rather than throwing out the watch, owners can take it in to have the crystal replaced. The repairman will remove any shards of glass within the watch and carefully place and seal a new piece onto it.

Watch Repair in Wayne NJ includes a number of services. Whether someone needs the crystal replaced, or has a broken clasp, a repair shop will repair or replace what is needed and return the watch in working condition. Contact our website to learn more about the watch repair services offered, and schedule a time to bring in a watch to have it fixed.

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