Frequently Asked Questions About A Sedation Dentist In Long Island

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Individuals who have panic attacks and fear dental procedures should contact a dental office that’s staffed with a sedation dentist in Long Island. During the dental procedure, the patient is asleep due to IV sedation and is no longer fearful. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about having dental work done while under general anesthesia.

Q.) Is it safe to have IV sedation at a dentist office?

A.) A certified anesthesiologist administers the IV sedation to patients who choose to have IV sedation before the start of a dental procedure. Patients are monitored throughout the procedure to ensure their safety while under sedation. Before patients have any dental procedures done with sedation, the dentist will speak to each patient to find out their medical history and the types of medications that the patient may be taking. If the dentist feels that IV sedation isn’t the best choice for the patient, due to medical or other reasons, the dentist will recommend optional methods.

Q.) What types of dental procedures are routinely performed using IV sedation?

A.) Many patients choose to have IV sedation while having extractions, fillings, cosmetic dentistry or multiple procedures performed during the same visit. Some patients who have a high level of fear, teeth sensitivity or a low threshold for pain may choose to have sedation dentistry even with general dental care.

Q.) Is it more expensive to be sedated during a dental procedure?

A.) The actual dental procedure isn’t more expensive when patients choose sedation dentistry. Patients will have to pay extra for the sedative and there’s usually a fee for the anesthesiologist to administer the sedation. The extra money that a patient pays for sedation dentistry is far less than if a patient chooses not to have the procedure done and they develop more problems with their teeth. Patients who need a sedative to relax during a dental procedure should speak with a professional Sedation dentist in Long Island.

Ultimate Dentistry provides various dental services including general care, cosmetic dentistry, dentures, dental implants and emergency care. This clinic also offers sedation dentistry for patients who are anxious or nervous about receiving their dental treatment.

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