Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Rabies Vaccines

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If your dog is bitten by a bat, skunk, or raccoon, your dog can contract rabies if the wild animal is infected with the rabies virus. This fatal virus causes inflammation of the brain and attacks the central nervous system. To ensure that your dog doesn’t succumb to this virus if bitten by an infected animal, your dog must get a rabies vaccination from a veterinarian who administers Dog Vaccines. To learn more about rabies and the importance of a vaccine, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What are the symptoms of rabies and are there treatments available?

A.) When bitten by a rabid animal, a dog will go through various stages of symptoms. The first stage, which often develops between three to eight weeks after becoming infected, includes nervousness and anxiety. Within a few days, the animal will exhibit signs of irritability and aggressiveness, and it’s not uncommon for these animals to bite or attack. During the first or second stage of symptoms, dogs begin to salivate profusely and breathe heavily. There are no treatments available for a dog once the animal contracts rabies. The only way to prevent dogs from getting the virus is by keeping them properly vaccinated against rabies.

Q.) How often should dog owners have their pets vaccinated against rabies?

A.) All puppies should have a veterinarian wellness check by the time they turn six weeks old. At this wellness visit, a veterinarian can administer the rabies vaccination and any additional vaccines that are required. After the initial vaccination, pet owners should take their dog to the veterinary clinic once a year for a rabies booster vaccination. Before obtaining a dog license in Arizona, a dog owner must have a document signed by a veterinarian who provides Dog Vaccines. The document must list the date of the rabies vaccination, the dog owner’s name and address, a description of the animal that was vaccinated, and the due date of the next vaccination.

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