Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Alarms In Franklin Park Il

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2021


In Franklin Park Il, residential property owners test their fire alarm systems to increase the safety of their property. These installations are designed to alert the homeowner if a fire is detected. It presents them with an alert to enable them to get out of the property quickly and safely. The following are frequently asked questions about Fire Alarms in Franklin Park Il.

How are Fire Alarms Tested?

A standard fire alarm system has a test button to engage the alarm and ensure that the alarm produces the right sound level. If the fire alarm is connected to a security system, the control panel allows the homeowner to perform a test cycle to ensure that all components work appropriately. The alarm company receives a notification that a system test was conducted. If the homeowner prefers, the provider that installs the system sends a technician to perform these tests.

How are Fire Alarms Different from Smoke Alarms?

The fire alarm is designed to detect the presence of a fire, and the smoke alarm detects smoke. The fire alarm monitors the entire property whereas, the smoke alarm measures the concentration of smoke within a given area. The smoke alarms are installed in all areas of the home in which the family sleeps and the kitchen. The range of detection for each alarm determines the total number of smoke alarms required. On the other hand, the fire alarm utilizes sensors that are connected directly to the security system.

How are Fire Alarms Monitored?

Fire alarms are monitored through the home security system. The same company that provides security monitoring also provides assistance when a fire is detected. They notify the fire department quickly and communicate with the family through the system. More advanced models provide connections through a smartphone to allow the homeowner to monitor their property.

In Iowa, residential property owners manage their fire alarms and connecting systems through testing and maintenance. These installations lower the risks of associated with a house fire. They present the homeowner with fast notification when a fire or smoke is detected inside the properties. Homeowners who need installations or repairs for Fire Alarms in Franklin Park Il can visit SMG Security Holdings LLC for more info today.

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