Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Grooming In Lenexa KS

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


In addition to basic care needs for cats and dogs, such as feeding and exercising, pet owners should also consider having their pet groomed on a regular basis. Grooming not only improves the appearance of the pet’s coat, but it’s also healthier for the animals. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about professional Pet Grooming in Lenexa KS.

What are the benefits of taking a cat or a dog to a professional groomer?

Dogs and cats can both benefit from going to a groomer and being bathed and brushed. An animal’s fur can easily become matted and this is very uncomfortable for the animal. Matted fur can pull the skin and it makes the animal appear unkempt. While bathing the animals a groomer will examine the skin and coat to look for signs of fleas and ticks. If the animal is infested, they must receive treatment right away. The groomer will also look for signs of skin issues that can be causing the pet to itch.

At what age should a cat or dog be groomed for the first time?

Pet owners who have a small puppy or kitten should take the pet to the groomer as soon as the pet reaches six months of age. When an animal is groomed while they’re young, they’ll be accustomed to going to the groomer and they won’t mind being bathed and groomed. Many animals enjoy being bathed and brushed because it feels good on their skin. Older animals that have never been to a groomer are often nervous at first because they don’t know what to expect. This is why it’s important to start taking them to a professional groomer as soon as possible. Animals that frequently visit a professional who provides Pet Grooming in Lenexa KS will have a healthier skin and coat throughout their lifetime.

When individuals need to have their pet groomed they should schedule a visit at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital. This clinic also provides pet boarding, wellness checks, veterinary acupuncture, dental services, surgery and emergency treatments for cats and dogs. Visit their website at to learn additional information about their services.

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