Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Storage In Long Island

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2016


Business owners who require temporary on-site storage can fulfill this need by renting a portable storage container. These containers are perfect for storing all types of materials and supplies that are often needed at a job site. If you’re interested in contacting a Portable Storage Long Island area company, read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this convenient service.

Q.) Is a business owner responsible for transporting the container to the job site?

A.) When a business owner rents a portable container, the rental company will deliver the container to the job site. When the container is ready to be moved, the rental company will come to the site and remove the container. Before the container arrives at the site, the business owner should make arrangements for the container before it arrives. There must be a level space on the ground for the container, and there must be a minimum of 20 feet of open space around the container site, so the flatbed truck has plenty of room to maneuver when dropping off the container.

Q.) Are the items and materials safe while inside a portable storage container?

A.) The storage containers are constructed out of high tensile steel, so they’re extremely sturdy and durable. Individuals can place four padlocks, one on each of the door handles, on the container to secure the doors. If needed, a business owner can also request the addition of a steel lock box with a heavy-duty lock to be placed on the container.

Q.) When a business owner needs to rent a container for a long time, is there any maintenance needed for the container?

A.) The containers that are rented out by a Portable Storage Long Island area company are nearly maintenance free. Business owners should periodically check the door hinges and add some grease if the doors aren’t opening and closing smoothly. When greasing the hinges, it’s also a good idea to add a bit of grease to the locking rods.

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