Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Crowns In Indianapolis IN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Dental crowns are a very popular dental procedure because they can hide broken teeth, restore severely decayed teeth and improve the appearance of teeth. When individuals get a traditional crown, it takes weeks before all of the steps are complete. When individuals visit a dentist that provides Same Day Crowns in Indianapolis IN, they can get the entire procedure done the same day. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about same day crowns.

How is it possible for dentists to put a crown on a tooth in one day?

When individuals get traditional crowns, impressions are sent to a lab where the crowns are made. This process can take a few weeks depending on how quickly the lab can get them done and sent back to the dental office. When individuals opt for a same day crown, a computerized machine at the dental office makes the crown by using dental images that were taken of the tooth. These advancements in technology makes it possible for dentists to create a crown and place it on the tooth on the same day.

Are there other benefits of same day crowns besides faster placement?

Individuals who choose a same day crown can eat any foods they want as soon as the crown is placed on the tooth. When individuals choose a traditional crown, the dentist places a temporary crown on the tooth while the real crown is being made. Since temporary crowns are less durable, individuals have to be careful when eating certain foods. Another benefit of a same day crown is the precision of the computerized machine as it makes the crown. This technology guarantees that the crown will be an exact replica of the natural tooth.

Is it more expensive to get a same day crown instead of a traditional crown?

The cost of a same day crown is close to the cost of a traditional crown and individuals won’t have to schedule another visit to the dental office. Individuals can contact a dentist who offers same day crowns in Indianapolis IN to discuss the procedure and the cost.

Individuals who don’t want to wait weeks for a dental crown can contact us and inquire about a same day crown. This clinic also provides various other dental services including bridges, bonding, implants and teeth whitening.

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