Funeral Directors in Forest Hill Can Arrange Somewhat Unusual Funeral Processions

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


Funeral Directors in Forest Hill sometimes are requested to arrange a service that has an unusual aspect. Sometimes this involves the kind of funeral procession the family wants to create. Traditionally, all the people who want to travel to the ceremony at the final resting place follow the hearse in their own vehicles. The closest family members are at the front, just behind the hearse.

Horses and Carriages

Before so many people owned motorized vehicles, however, funeral processions were organized with horses pulling carriages. Today, Funeral Directors in Forest Hill might be asked to arrange a procession like this if doing so is allowed by local laws. Obviously, it’s easier to arrange this in a rural area. Trying to do this in town will probably require a very small number of carriages. A modified possibility would be to have a horse-drawn hearse with everyone else following in the motorized vehicles.

The Motorcycle Procession

More commonly but still unusual is the motorcycle procession. This is very appropriate when the deceased person was an avid rider. In 2017, a Kentucky funeral included some 2,000 motorcycles in a procession. That was for professional motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden. Another long line of motorcycles followed a hearse after a Michigan funeral in 2014. It’s even possible to have a sturdy motorcycle pulling a hearse carriage.

The Jazz Funeral

Some families may want to borrow a tradition that is more common in New Orleans: the jazz funeral. People attending the service walk behind a marching band, which starts out playing mournful songs but shifts to more upbeat tunes after the cemetery service.


Another request that may be made of an organization such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services is for a mid-size or stretch limo for family members and close friends. The mid-size vehicle can carry 10 passengers while the stretch limo seats about 20. This is particularly suitable when numerous relatives or friends must come from out of town and are unfamiliar with the city. In addition, riding together in one vehicle gives everyone the chance to have some quiet time together after an emotional funeral or memorial service. Please browse website to find information about the Evans organization.

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