Get Cavities Filled with Porcelain Inlays in MilfordCT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


Regular filling for cavities can come loose, breakdown over time, and look terrible. Fillings made of composite material will not look bad, but may still become loose. A filling that dislodges exposes the tooth to further decay is painful and results in an emergency appointment. That will cost time and money to repair. Porcelain inlays in Milford CT are an alternative to traditional fillings for cavities. They are tooth-colored, fabricated for a perfect fit, and bonded to the inside of the tooth. It is unlikely an inlay will become loose once placed.

Porcelain inlays in Milford CT can also be used as an alternative to a full dental crown when the tooth needs to be repaired or restored. Inlays are less invasive than crowns because more of the healthy tooth remains in place. Crowns require a great deal of the teeth to be removed before they can be placed, so it is possible for them to chip or break. Inlays are less likely to break, are less expensive than crowns, and help teeth stay strong and secure in the mouth.

The process of having inlays placed takes two different dentist appointments. Removing the decay and preparing the tooth for the inlay is doe at the first appointment. An impression of the tooth is made, and a temporary cover is put in place. Inlays, which can also be made of gold or resin, are made in a dental laboratory from the impression taken at that first appointment. Once the finished product is returned to the office, the second appointment can be scheduled.

At the second appointment, the temporary cover is removed, and the inlay is fitted. The dentist makes a final check to make sure the fit is accurate and to ensure the bite is not effected. The inlay is then bonded to the center of the tooth. The cost for inlays depends on the material used, the size of the inlay, and the location in the mouth. Other factors include the geographical location of the office and the charges from the specific dentist. The initial cost may seem higher than a routine filling, but will be more cost-effective in the long run because it will not have to be repaired or replaced. The cost is also less expensive than any type of crown. Patients can Visit us for more information regarding inlays, other cosmetic and restorative procedures, and general dentistry services.

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