Get dental Implants In Short Hills NJ With An Oral Surgeon

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2018


Now that gap in a person’s smile can be permanently repaired with a dental implant. Implants in short Hills NJ can be provided by clinics such as Westfield Oral Surgery. Why should a person use a clinic specializing in oral surgery to have dental implants installed? An oral surgery clinic has dental specialists who are trained and experienced in this procedure and other types of oral surgery such as removing wisdom and other teeth without the pain and discomfort, snoring treatment, and gum and jaw surgery. Oral surgeons can repair damage from accidents and injury.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Why should people spend the money to get dental implants instead of false teeth or dental bridges? Dental implants act like a real tooth and do not need to be removed. This is a permanent solution for missing teeth. Getting Dental Implants in short Hills NJ has one main requirement. The jaw must be in good enough shape to hold the metal rod that is embedded into the jaw by drilling a hole in the jaw bone. The rod is installed into that hole permanently and is given a period to set before the new tooth is placed on it with a special adhesive.

It sounds less complicated than the procedure is. The rod must be the perfect size implanted at the perfect height and angle. The new tooth must be custom made to match the neighboring teeth in size, shape, and color. Then that tooth must be perfectly placed to be the same height as the other teeth and form a perfect bite. All of this must be done without loosening or damaging neighboring teeth.

Getting dental implants is worth the effort and expense because they are a permanent solution that looks, feel, and perform like the natural teeth around them. They fill in gaps in a person’s dental line up to provide a better chewing surface and a more attractive smile. A dental implant keeps neighboring teeth from shifting toward the space and weakening. When several adjoining teeth must be removed there are dental implants that anchor several teeth in place. There is also the option of replacing a set of false teeth with dental implants. Go to the website for additional information.

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