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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


Bees play a vital role in our food supply chain, as they pollinate the plants to make them grow. Hornets however, are predatory insects that feed on smaller bugs that many individuals consider to be garden pests, such as beetles, locusts and flies. While both bees and hornets serve a beneficial purpose, hornets can be quite aggressive. If a hornet nest is in an unwanted location, it may be time for Hornet Removal in Pittsburgh.

Hornets Versus Bees

Hornets are considered by many people to be a relative of the bee, although some will argue that this is not the case. While bees make honey, hornets are carnivores that eat other insects, including bees. A hornet can be black and white, or black and yellow, while bees are golden in color. A bee will die once it uses its stinger, but hornets can sting multiple times without dying. A bee’s nest is made from wax, while a hornet’s nest is made from paper. They are quite the opposite of each other, which is one reason that many claims that the two are not related.

Hornet’s Nest

While bees build a soft waxy nest to store their honey in, hornets create their nest from saliva and wood pulp. The result is a paper-like consistency. When a hornet’s nest is situated in an undesirable location, like the overhang of a house, it may be difficult and dangerous to try to eradicate the nest without professional assistance. Hornet Removal in Pittsburgh is hard to do since hornets are very aggressive and will defend their nest if they feel threatened.

Nest Removal

Removing a hornet’s nest can be quite the undertaking. Since hornets can continuously sting, a professional, like The-Beeman who guarantees his work, should be consulted. Without the proper safety equipment, attempting to remove a nest can be quite dangerous. A mature hornet nest can contain 100 – 600 workers, so if they become agitated during the removal process, it’s best to have a knowledgeable technician take care of the extraction.

Hornets can be quite aggressive if they feel threatened. Since they don’t die when they sting, hornets are capable of stinging a victim continuously. Unlike bees, hornets do not sleep at night, so knowing when and how to remove a nest should be done by a professional and not an inexperienced individual. For more information regarding hornet nest removal, please visit

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